Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Quilt

It's still not done.  I've been plucking away at it, and it's huge, so I should expect that it's going to take so long.  However, the whole point of making it was because it's hot and we have a down comforter.  Anyway, I got all the squares sewn together and have found it's still too small.  So I'm adding a border and then hopefully it will be big enough to cover both the man and I. 

And then hopefully I'll be able to just whip on the backing and be done with it!  Ingrid will enjoy it, as her favorite spot in the house lately is mama and daddy's bed.  Every morning (at 6am, no less) she runs from her bed into ours to read a big pile of books.  She demands we stack up at least ten books, and then will sit for ages, carefully paging through each one.  It's so funny to hear her read them to herself, I just love it!

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