Friday, March 12, 2010

Park Playdate

Another gorgeous day, another trip to the park.  This time our friends joined us and Ingrid had a great time.
Ingrid enjoyed the swings and the slides.  She about gave me heart attack, though, as she really wanted to go on the huge big kid slide all by herself.  This thing was seriously almost scary to me, it was high and there wasn't a lot of anything on the side of the ladder, meaning she could fall out at any time.  And at one point she looked like she was going to fall off the side of the slide, about 8 feet up...But I spotted her and let her do it and she was amazing!  I love how confident she is--she wanted to try it out, she knew she could do it. 

She also had fun playing with her best bud Benny. 

We also got her rain boots in the mail yesterday:
They are adorable, no?  However, they fell off her feet every two seconds.  So, tell me, how do you get your kids' wellies to stay on?  Is there a trick?  Or is that just the nature of the boot?  I see all these pictures of kids in cute wellies playing in the muck and mud, I want Ingrid to be able to do that, too.  But these damn boots wouldn't stay on!!  Oh well, they are pretty cute, I'll keep them and they can be a fashion statement if nothing else...