Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love Sundays

I remember once upon a time saying to Brendan that although I wanted kids, I would really miss the lazy Sundays we had.  I used to get up, walk the dog to the gas station to buy the Sunday paper, and then we'd make a pot of coffee and lay around reading all morning.  All I could think of with kids was up early, chaos, noise, chaos, noise.  Brendan said we would just have to raise our kids to enjoy a lazy Sunday with us.  And wouldn't you know it, we have!  Ingrid loves to come into our bed and read her books in between us.

This weekend she did this while wearing her new spring pjs

Then after getting dressed we played with Fletcher:

And baked oatmeal cookies.  Ingrid is obsessed with licking the beaters now, what have I gotten myself into??  "Bake cookies, mama, and eat it!" she says. 

We had the best lazy day!


Jami said...

I love those jammies!!

sunnymama said...

I want some spring pyjamas like Indgrid's! :)