Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're Here!

We survived the move.  The weather was horrible driving over to WI but we made it.  Luck was on our side and our apartment that we found on craigslist and rented sight unseen is amazing!  It's huge, three bedrooms, huge kitchen, brand new bathroom, brand new appliances, everything we need! 

I could go into specifics of the craziness of moving, staying at a hotel, driving seven hours, staying at the in-laws, and then having to move in, but I want to just forget it.  I want to just enjoy being back in Milwaukee and knowing we are staying here.  We saw a house for sale across the street and I said I wanted to look for houses in our neighborhood when the time comes.  For the past few years it has been "I want to look here...if that's where we are."  Now I can honestly say I want to look in this neighborhood.  Because we WILL be here next year!  And many more happy years to go, phew!

The bub turned two months old, so we did an impromptu photo shoot yesterday.  He's getting bigger every day, but he's still just the size of a newborn, it's so crazy.  He still has blue eyes and red hair, and I'm still confused by it!

Ingrid has been okay, but just okay.  She was upset by having all her stuff packed up and became decidedly more comfortable once we unpacked her toys.  But she is just so negative to everything we say, whether it be it's time for bed, we're going for a walk, we're having chicken for dinner, whatever it is she says NO I'M NOT!!  And everything has been a power struggle lately, which is tiring on so many levels.  I'm tired of yelling, I'm tired of her crying, I'm tired of feeling like a bad mom.  I'm trying to find a more productive way of dealing with her but it's hard.  We both have that personality of getting our own way and knowing we are right.  So put us together and BAM!  You've got one struggle after another...We're working on it.  But this is what Ingrid looks like most of the time:
It goes back and forth, she's crabby then she's fine.  I am hoping for more fine minutes of each day as we get more and more settled here... Here's hoping turning three will be the magical antidote to all this bitchiness (on both our parts!)  Unfortunately I've heard three is just as bad as two.  *Sigh.*

Friday, February 18, 2011

Otis is 2 Months, I am 34 Years.

Wednesday Otis turned two months old.  He is not much different than a newborn, which is so wierd to me, since Ingrid was really moving and cooing and smiling by now.  Otis likes to sleep, while on someone, and eat, and sometimes look around vacantly.  I hope this next month he catches up and starts doing stuff.  He's a cute little peanut, but he's kinda boring.  Although I suppose he gave me enough crap to go through while in utero, so he gets to be boring for awhile.

Thursday I turned 34.  I don't feel much older, although it's been awhile since I've gotten my highlights done and the grays are really peeking through.  I had a crappy day of whining and crying by the kids, stressing about packing and moving, and wishing I had a babysitter so I could've gone and done something fun.  [Thanks a lot for going to Florida right now, mom.  (Just kidding, you deserve this vacation!)]  We did manage to have a nice dinner at Metzger's.  I had spaetzle and wursts.  It was delish. 

And now our house is mostly empty and all echoey, Ingrid keeps asking for things and cries when I tell her it's packed away, and I am ready for this move to be OVER.  It almost is.  Come Monday afternoon we will be in our new house and I can start doing the fun stuff again, unpacking and decorating and organizing.  Yay!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day, Toddler Style

Monday night we went to a friend's house for a toddler V-day party.  Ingrid was so excited about this, she kept asking for days "Is it Monday yet?"  It was a crazy mess of kids running around, ball pits, candy, food, and pregnant ladies.  So much fun! 


It was also a great send off for us, as it will be the last playdate Ingrid has with her Michigan friends.  It's hard to believe that when we moved here, Ingrid and Allie were 8 months old, Ben was just starting to walk, Olivia wasn't even born yet, and now look at them!  So big, such personalities, and new baby brothers on the way!  We'll miss you guys!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Is That the SUN??

Yesterday we saw a brilliant bright thing in the sky.  Gasp!  It was the sun!  And it was gorgeous!  We ran outside to take advantage of this rare sighting in the midst of February.  It felt SO GOOD to get outside again!  I wrapped a sweater around Otis in the Ergo, Ingrid had her boots and hat on, and we set out to splash in puddles and flick snow around with a stick. 

Things are a crazy mess around here right now.  We have a few days left until we move, so most things are packed away.  Ingrid is getting a little freaked out and showing her unease by peeing her pants, whining, and throwing massive tantrums.  We're trying to be understanding, but it is so hard when we are also getting zero sleep because of a snorting baby not sleeping well at night.

I have been feeling SUPER bad about Ingrid's life lately, and I can't wait to get her settled.  Since Thanksgiving this poor kid has gone through so much.  First I was in the hospital for almost a month, then she got a new brother, then we started packing up all her toys to move to a new house.  So much change for such a peanut...It's the least I can do to try not to yell at her for being whiny.  She's got a lot on her mind and no way to express it.  Let me tell you, I will breathe a HUGE sigh of relief to be in our new place, finally settled and not going anywhere!  Let our life begin!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seven Minutes Vs. Seven Weeks

We took Otis to the doctor today for another weight checkup.  He is now 8lbs 4oz!!  To me, that is enormous, and then I stopped and looked at him and remembered that at birth Ingrid was that size!  I gave birth to a baby his size, it's amazing anyone lives through that.

So here's a comparison, Ingrid at birth and Otis at 7weeks old:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Art

We got a buncha snow yesterday.  It was quite surprising--I went to Salvation Army and it was sunny, and by the time I got out, I had an inch of snow on my car and the roads were treacherous!  Once I was home it was nice to sit and watch it, it was pretty. 

Today we had to shovel.  Even though Ingrid's been sick, I just know she's tired of being inside.  She has been acting out so bad, it's been horrible.  Just really crabby and crying, whining, not wanting to do anything.  So today I bundled her up and we went outside.  I filled two squirt bottles with colored water and we colored the snow.  Ingrid thought it was pretty fun, and it kept her occupied while I tried tackling the snow.

Check out that coat I'm wearing, I got it at Salvation Army yesterday!  I used to have a really great vintage red plaid coat that I finally had to get rid of when the lining went kaput.  I miss that coat...  But I found its replacement yesterday--the cutest blue/green plaid number, really warm, with a cute rounded collar.  If I have to deal with snow and cold, I better be able to look good doing it, right?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Brendan got a job!

It's in Milwaukee!

It starts in three weeks!

So...we have lots to do!  But all things I want to do, because it means moving back home.  I am SO relieved to have things figured out, and even more relieved that we're going back to Milwaukee.  It's funny because at one time in my life, being in one place for too long made me itch to move, go somewhere new, see new things.  Now I'm all about staying in one place for a long time.  I like that I know Milwaukee, I know neighborhoods, good places to eat, parks to go to, people to see.  Yes, finding new things is fun, too, but I'm an old fogey now that just wants to know where she's going, how to get around a place, and I like having a million people I can call if I'm bored. 

Also, thrifting is so much better in Milwaukee!  I know that seems silly, but considering I buy a large portion of clothes and house stuff at thrift stores, it's a real bonus that I can go to seven different really good thrift stores as opposed to the one here. 

We found a house for rent in a great neighborhood, a friend is checking it out for us today.  Hopefully it will be good and not a dump, it would be really nice to have a place lined up for us.  And a whole house!  With restaurants and bars and things in walking distance!  Brendan and I have been just giddy talking about all the things we're excited for.  Yay us!  It's finally coming together.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snotty Snow Days

There was supposed to be a huge storm hitting us a couple days ago, but luckily we got spared most of the snow.  That doesn't mean we can't stay in and have a snow day, though!!  We lit a candle, played music, read books, colored with Ingrid's new mega crayons, and made Valentine sugar cookies.  It made me laugh because lots of friends were all excited about a cozy snow day off work, staying inside with their families, and I get to do this every day!  Lucky me :)

Yesterday Ingrid was very snotty and sickly, so we stayed in pajamas all day long.  We played with Otis and watched a lot of TV. 

I'm hoping today is a little less snotty, and that we actually get out of the house.  Library books are overdue, and food supplies are running low...