Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Brendan got a job!

It's in Milwaukee!

It starts in three weeks!

So...we have lots to do!  But all things I want to do, because it means moving back home.  I am SO relieved to have things figured out, and even more relieved that we're going back to Milwaukee.  It's funny because at one time in my life, being in one place for too long made me itch to move, go somewhere new, see new things.  Now I'm all about staying in one place for a long time.  I like that I know Milwaukee, I know neighborhoods, good places to eat, parks to go to, people to see.  Yes, finding new things is fun, too, but I'm an old fogey now that just wants to know where she's going, how to get around a place, and I like having a million people I can call if I'm bored. 

Also, thrifting is so much better in Milwaukee!  I know that seems silly, but considering I buy a large portion of clothes and house stuff at thrift stores, it's a real bonus that I can go to seven different really good thrift stores as opposed to the one here. 

We found a house for rent in a great neighborhood, a friend is checking it out for us today.  Hopefully it will be good and not a dump, it would be really nice to have a place lined up for us.  And a whole house!  With restaurants and bars and things in walking distance!  Brendan and I have been just giddy talking about all the things we're excited for.  Yay us!  It's finally coming together.


MaryAnne said...

HOORAY!!! And Congratulations!

So glad you have a job and can start planning the next phase of your lives!

Anna said...

Congratulations!! That is so exciting. Good luck with all the planning and moving :)

Fiona said...

SO very pleased for your lovely family Amber.
What a relief, and like you, now that we have kids the thrill of moving to new places suddenly seems more like hard work than an adventure.

Brandon said...

It is amazing how God works in our lives. I am sure the way things happened is not how you planned it but God had a different plan for you. We will miss you guys not being here in Michigan. Road trip to Wisconsin.