Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're Here!

We survived the move.  The weather was horrible driving over to WI but we made it.  Luck was on our side and our apartment that we found on craigslist and rented sight unseen is amazing!  It's huge, three bedrooms, huge kitchen, brand new bathroom, brand new appliances, everything we need! 

I could go into specifics of the craziness of moving, staying at a hotel, driving seven hours, staying at the in-laws, and then having to move in, but I want to just forget it.  I want to just enjoy being back in Milwaukee and knowing we are staying here.  We saw a house for sale across the street and I said I wanted to look for houses in our neighborhood when the time comes.  For the past few years it has been "I want to look here...if that's where we are."  Now I can honestly say I want to look in this neighborhood.  Because we WILL be here next year!  And many more happy years to go, phew!

The bub turned two months old, so we did an impromptu photo shoot yesterday.  He's getting bigger every day, but he's still just the size of a newborn, it's so crazy.  He still has blue eyes and red hair, and I'm still confused by it!

Ingrid has been okay, but just okay.  She was upset by having all her stuff packed up and became decidedly more comfortable once we unpacked her toys.  But she is just so negative to everything we say, whether it be it's time for bed, we're going for a walk, we're having chicken for dinner, whatever it is she says NO I'M NOT!!  And everything has been a power struggle lately, which is tiring on so many levels.  I'm tired of yelling, I'm tired of her crying, I'm tired of feeling like a bad mom.  I'm trying to find a more productive way of dealing with her but it's hard.  We both have that personality of getting our own way and knowing we are right.  So put us together and BAM!  You've got one struggle after another...We're working on it.  But this is what Ingrid looks like most of the time:
It goes back and forth, she's crabby then she's fine.  I am hoping for more fine minutes of each day as we get more and more settled here... Here's hoping turning three will be the magical antidote to all this bitchiness (on both our parts!)  Unfortunately I've heard three is just as bad as two.  *Sigh.*


Carly said...

At least she looks super cute in her dress! Congrats on the New place!

ringmaster said...

that is the best picture of her ever! i can't help but laugh because she looks soo like penelope with the grump face!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Amber, well done on the move, how exciting!
I am really sorry to hear that Ingrid is being highly spirited! If it helps Pep has that similar attitude of the opposite of anything I or anyone says. Hope you can find a special thing for her to do in your new neighbourhood ox

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Welcome home!
Ingrid, I love the grump face. I love YOU Amber even more for taking a shot of the grump face!!!!

MaryAnne said...

With Emma, two was darling and three was difficult. Johnny was a tough two, but pretty cute at three - hopefully Ingrid takes after him =)

You got some great pictures of Otis, and I love Ingrid's dress. And boy, does that girl know how to express her emotions!

becky v said...

Love the grumpy picture...priceless. And yay for Otis and his red hair! Redheads are fantastic. :)