Friday, October 18, 2013

Mama Vacay

That's right, I went on vacation BY MYSELF!  It was amazing, something I wondered if I would ever do again now that I'm married and have kids.  I had to keep my guilt at bay and just go with my selfishness on this one, and it was worth it! 

My friend lives in Colorado, and there are actually flights from Milwaukee to Denver for pretty cheap, so when Brendan was gone traveling for a whole week last month, I bought tickets for a weekend away.  I flew out Friday night and came home Monday afternoon.  Three days of being alone, sleeping in and seeing the mountains! 

It was so fun to hang out with my dear old friend.  She doesn't have kids so it was like a glimpse into my old life, where you could sleep in on a weekend if you felt like it.  Where you can go out to eat at 8:30pm on a Friday like it's no big deal!  Where you can go for a drive and jump out any ol' place you want without having to unbuckle and rebuckle kids in the car seats.  It was...AMAZING.  I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but oh how much fun life would be without them for a weekend here or there. 

Now I'm begging Brendan to get a job at NREL, the renewable energy lab in Golden, so we can move out there and be by mountains all the time.  Every time I'm by the mountains I think I must live in them sometime in my life.  Why not now?? Make it happen, B!
Fabric shopping, of course.
Poor sad Ingrid.
Some rich lady bought this ski resort so her kids could practice for competitions.  Must be nice.

Driving to Boulder
And now, I'm home.  Like I said, I love my kids, but damn it was nice to get away. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Zoo with My Guy

Yesterday was beautiful so Otis and I headed to the zoo.  Usually our zoo trips are with friends, lots of kids running pell mell through the zoo, wanting to play at the park and complaining about being tired.  But with just Otis and I, it was so relaxing!  We meandered through the animals, only seeing what we wanted.  We stopped and ate lunch and had a treat afterward.  When it was time to go home, we popped on over to the train and took a ride before leaving.  Just me and my guy.  A perfect fall day.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn at the Cottage

We headed to the cottage this past weekend.  It was gorgeous out and so autumnal!  The kids and I went to the park and played in the leaves.  I got some cute pictures. 
 Everyone is doing fine here.  Otis still loves school, Ingrid is now no longer crying for hours about going to school.  She still has some issues but mostly she's fine.  She has a field trip this week, they're taking the city bus to a farmer's market.  Sounds fun!  She's beyond excited about it. 

And now it's OCTOBER?!  In ten days I get to fly BY MYSELF to Denver to visit a good friend.  I am so excited it's ridiculous.  I'm gonna get trashy magazines and sit by myself on a plane and have a whole weekend of not being a mom.  Awesome!