Sunday, July 21, 2013

SO Glad I'm Me, or, I LOVE My Life!

 I've been thinking of all the troubles I had when I was younger, feeling lost and like I just didn't know what to DO with myself.  Where did I want to live?  What did I want to go to school for?  What would I do with my life?  Now in my mid 30s I can honestly say I'm glad I ended up where I am.  I live in a cool neighborhood in a pretty great city, I'm married to a funny scientist, we have two amazing kids that make me happy about 99% of the time, I get to sell vintage kid's clothes and sew stuff.  I have it pretty good.

This past week has been HOT.  We got a cheap Slip'n'slide at Target and used it for hours at a time.  I even slid down it, it was fun!  The kids got a real big kick out of that, I'm glad there is no video evidence of it.
We've stuck to our no TV in the morning routine, well mostly.  Sometimes I have to take a shower and that is the easiest way to ensure I get all the shampoo out of my hair AND shave both legs.  I had cut out 4" squares from a whole bunch of my scraps to make a scrappy quilt or two.  Ingrid found the pile and has been having fun putting together her own quilt.  I cannot wait to teach this girl how to use the sewing machine!  She will be a natural I bet.
And we've been just plain silly stuck in the house with it being in the 90s.  We go out right away in the morning, try to get some play time outside.  Then it gets too hot to breathe, so we go in and cool down.  Again after naptime we try to get outside, but dang, it's been like 80% humidity the past week.  Uncomfortable.  And yes, I realize how funny that is that we midwesterners complain about how COLD it is and how much snow we have and then a few months later complain about how HOT it is and how much humidity we have.  I sometimes wonder why anyone lives here...
 This weekend we went to the cottage.  We brought friends, it was fun.  The kids all played, we went swimming in the lake, and this morning Brendan took each of the kids on a kayak ride.  The cottage got a face lift last month, doesn't it look nice?  It used to be white, I really like the creamy tan though.  And lastly, look at that picture of Brendan's dad and uncle!  Bob is the one on the right.  He looks just like what Brendan looked like at that age!  I love how there are just random old things at the cottage, you just never know what you'll find when you go searching through the drawers looking for clean sheets...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Red Clogs and Green Beans

First of all, I got my new clogs!  They are adorable and I feel oh so fashionable in them, which is nice, because the other night we went out and I hadn't showered and was feeling GROSS, but I slipped these bad boys on and suddenly felt feminine and gorgeous.
Tonight Ingrid and I picked green beans from the garden.  I had just thrown some seeds in a row at the beginning of the summer and they just blew up!  So we got about a bazillion plants growing and tonight we picked them.  We got a lot.  Ingrid just kept eating them like candy!  Good for her.  (Honestly I hate green beans unless there's a lot of butter and salt on them.)
One last thing--our kitchen is looking so much better now!  I painted the cabinets white yesterday.  It was a sweaty job and it took four coats of paint on each door, but dammit, I did it!  I love it.  I'm hoping to paint the walls gray and get new floors and a new sink.  Then one room in our house will be done!  And I can focus on another room!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Maker Market

Today was another craft show.  I was looking forward to this one, as it was outside and in the parking lot of a coffee shop, which meant good coffee only steps away!  I love my neighborhood so much, and today's event just made me so happy.  A friend started this show, the first Sunday of every month May-September.  I was supposed to do June but after having impromptu throat surgery, I had to pass on that one.  So today was the day.
My first ever show I had NO CLUE what I was doing, but now that I've done a few every year, I'm really getting the hang of it.  I know what to bring, I know what usually sells well, I know how much to make, and yet still always make way too much!  Getting the tables set up is pretty fun, I'm always perusing Pinterest for ideas. 
 This show I had two smaller tables, which I covered with vintage table cloths (one was a kid's sheet) and I used my wire baskets I have for shows, along with Otis' toy drum, and my Irmi giraffe.  He's been holding clothes in Otis' room, but guess what fits on him pretty well?  BIBS!  I love how it turned out. 
I also used my tent to hang clothesline and I hung up some tag blankets and bibs on the side.  Last but not least, my trusty vintage sheet bunting I stole from Ingrid's bedroom way long ago.  It has since been taken over for hanging at my shows. 
I did pretty well today.  My goal was to make enough money to buy this pair of clogs.  My god, red and cute and Swedish, I just died when I saw them.  But money doesn't grow on trees and we need a new floor in our kitchen so I couldn't just buy them straight up.  Well, I could, but I'd feel guilty later...Now I don't have to!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Books and Braids and Beaches and Bods

This week:  I tried on a pair of pants that DID NOT fit me 2 weeks ago.  Turns out the 30 Day Shred is working!  I felt so good being able to button them!  I'm hobbling like a grandma because my knees are so shot, but that's the price I pay I guess...
 And!  My hair is long enough for braids.  This is SO EXCITING because the last time I had hair this long is when I was 20.  I have been a short haired girl my whole life, this is such big news for me.
 Summerfest is going on right now.  It's a sleazy huge music festival that happens every year and people act like it's the best thing and you just HAVE to go.  We never do, but we had free tickets and it was a beautiful day, so we went.  Otis fell asleep on me, Ingrid whined about walking, and the beer cost a ridiculous amount.  Probably won't be going again next year...
 The thing we WILL be going to again is this amazing place called Bookworm Gardens.  It is so cool!  A sprawling garden with little sections devoted to kid's books.  There's tons of stuff for kids to do, like play music, sweep a barn, water the garden, play in a log cabin like Laura Ingalls, scrub Harry the Dirty Dog, go in the Three Little Pigs' houses.  It was so fun, the kids ran and ran for two hours, we actually had to drag them away because it was lunch time.  We didn't get to see everything there, so we'll have to go back.  Afterward we went to a nearby state park and had a picnic and played on the beach.  It was another gorgeous day, we had so much fun! 

 And now it's the Fourth of July, we should be planning lots of fun things to do, but instead we're looking at all the rain in the forecast and thinking maybe we'll just stay in and paint our kitchen cabinets.  I have a show on Sunday and I am hoping it is not rainy the whole time since it's outside...Please cross your fingers for me!