Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Books and Braids and Beaches and Bods

This week:  I tried on a pair of pants that DID NOT fit me 2 weeks ago.  Turns out the 30 Day Shred is working!  I felt so good being able to button them!  I'm hobbling like a grandma because my knees are so shot, but that's the price I pay I guess...
 And!  My hair is long enough for braids.  This is SO EXCITING because the last time I had hair this long is when I was 20.  I have been a short haired girl my whole life, this is such big news for me.
 Summerfest is going on right now.  It's a sleazy huge music festival that happens every year and people act like it's the best thing and you just HAVE to go.  We never do, but we had free tickets and it was a beautiful day, so we went.  Otis fell asleep on me, Ingrid whined about walking, and the beer cost a ridiculous amount.  Probably won't be going again next year...
 The thing we WILL be going to again is this amazing place called Bookworm Gardens.  It is so cool!  A sprawling garden with little sections devoted to kid's books.  There's tons of stuff for kids to do, like play music, sweep a barn, water the garden, play in a log cabin like Laura Ingalls, scrub Harry the Dirty Dog, go in the Three Little Pigs' houses.  It was so fun, the kids ran and ran for two hours, we actually had to drag them away because it was lunch time.  We didn't get to see everything there, so we'll have to go back.  Afterward we went to a nearby state park and had a picnic and played on the beach.  It was another gorgeous day, we had so much fun! 

 And now it's the Fourth of July, we should be planning lots of fun things to do, but instead we're looking at all the rain in the forecast and thinking maybe we'll just stay in and paint our kitchen cabinets.  I have a show on Sunday and I am hoping it is not rainy the whole time since it's outside...Please cross your fingers for me!

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I hope your show goes well!

What a shame that Summerfest isn't actually that neat.