Sunday, July 7, 2013

Maker Market

Today was another craft show.  I was looking forward to this one, as it was outside and in the parking lot of a coffee shop, which meant good coffee only steps away!  I love my neighborhood so much, and today's event just made me so happy.  A friend started this show, the first Sunday of every month May-September.  I was supposed to do June but after having impromptu throat surgery, I had to pass on that one.  So today was the day.
My first ever show I had NO CLUE what I was doing, but now that I've done a few every year, I'm really getting the hang of it.  I know what to bring, I know what usually sells well, I know how much to make, and yet still always make way too much!  Getting the tables set up is pretty fun, I'm always perusing Pinterest for ideas. 
 This show I had two smaller tables, which I covered with vintage table cloths (one was a kid's sheet) and I used my wire baskets I have for shows, along with Otis' toy drum, and my Irmi giraffe.  He's been holding clothes in Otis' room, but guess what fits on him pretty well?  BIBS!  I love how it turned out. 
I also used my tent to hang clothesline and I hung up some tag blankets and bibs on the side.  Last but not least, my trusty vintage sheet bunting I stole from Ingrid's bedroom way long ago.  It has since been taken over for hanging at my shows. 
I did pretty well today.  My goal was to make enough money to buy this pair of clogs.  My god, red and cute and Swedish, I just died when I saw them.  But money doesn't grow on trees and we need a new floor in our kitchen so I couldn't just buy them straight up.  Well, I could, but I'd feel guilty later...Now I don't have to!


Fiona said...

I love how your stall looked - great job! And the coffee part was also tempting :-)

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Your stall looks adorable! Glad it went well!