Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Summer Morning

Here is what we do on a sunny summer morning.
Blow bubbles.
 Water the garden and look for baby zuchinnis.
 And of course, hang up the never ending laundry to dry.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Otis is a Bully. Our Trip to the Museum.

Otis woke up from his nap yesterday in a funk.  Days like that, I know to leave the house as soon as possible to get his mind off whatever is making him crabby.  Usually a walk or a trip to the store will be enough to turn his mood.  Yesterday we decided to go to the Public Museum. 

It did not go well. 

As soon as we got there, Otis did not want to be in the stroller.  Which is fine, run off some steam, go look and explore.  Except he didn't want to walk, either.  He'd go all jelly legs and throw his head back.  So I set him down on the floor, where he commenced the temper tantrum.  This happened at least four times.  It seems the only thing he wanted to do was push the stroller, which is too high for him to reach the handle.  Which does not matter to a one and a half year old, he wants what he wants and he wants it RIGHT NOW

At one point, there was a group of school kids nearby.  An 8 year old boy came up near where Otis was screaming.  Otis looked up at him, stood up, and gave a mighty push right in the poor kid's stomach.  My baby don't take no shit!  The kid looked a little dumbfounded, like "did I just get beat up by a baby??"  I think that was the point we decided to leave.  We have a membership, we can always go back some other day...

I am a little worried, for real, about how to deal with Otis.  He is very frustrated lately about not being able to communicate.  We tried signing with him like we did with Ingrid, but he just never did it.  So now we are faced with grunts and points and lots of mad tears.  I feel for him, I do, it must suck to want something and have no way of getting your point across.  But I can't take much more of this hitting, shoving, kicking, and tantrums, and I know it's only gonna get worse.  Terrible Twos are real, ya'll.  I've been there.  I remember thinking Ingrid was being a brat and then she turned two and it was game on.  I'm scared for my future.

Anyway, we did have a little fun while at the museum.  Ingrid got a butterfly to land on her in the butterfly garden.  She thought it was cool at first but quickly decided she wanted it off right now.
  She also enjoyed the Streets of Old Milwaukee section, which has always been my favorite, too.  I felt kind of bad, she was having a good time and then little bro acted up and we had to go.  Boo.
Here's hoping today will be better.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

On the Mend

Thursday I finally had my surgery, which was supposed to happen a couple years ago.  Really, that long ago?  I am lazy.  But it's taken care of now, which is good. 

I had a throat cyst, leftover from my days of being formed in utero.  Crazy.  It kept getting infected and I ended up in the hospital a couple years ago, finally finding out what the hell it was.  Scheduled surgery only to find out I was pregnant with Otis!  And then we had a crazy time with his arrival, moving, and then when I went to reschedule, Otis ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  Do we ever get a break around here?? 

This is what's sad about this whole hospital thing, and I've said it before, I like going to the hospital.  People take care of me there, I am not waiting on anyone else.  I get to take naps.  I get food brought to me.  I can just lay there and stare aimlessly out the window if I so desire.  And, I get drugs. 

Thursday morning Brendan dropped me off at the hospital and I was shown to my room--holy cow, if it weren't for the surgery part I could've been on vacation.  The hospital overlooks Lake Michigan and it was a beautiful sunny day, so I had a great view of the sparkling lake.  It was gorgeous.  Then I went in the OR, heard the anesthesiologist say "I just gave you some of the medicine," and then I don't remember a darn thing until I woke up back in my room. 

It really didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, but man, general anesthesia is crazy.  I couldn't do anything all day, I felt sick, couldn't drink even water, I was so out of it!  Brendan took the kids in to visit and I swear, I have no idea what they even said, I was just loopy on morphine!  I do remember Otis just staring at me warily.

I got a nice peaceful night full of morphine and ice water and was discharged the next day.  I came home to pass out and sleep all day.  Somewhere out there I heard the noises of kids and daddy, but that's very vague.  Now it's a couple days later and I am starting to feel okay.  I'm not in much pain, it just itches where I have a bandage.  I can swallow better now and even ate solid foods.  Did you know Jello is not that much fun to eat as an adult?  As a kid it's the best, but hmmm, my palate must have matured over the years. 

Tomorrow it's back to normal.  I think I can handle it.  Now, to stay away from the hospital the rest of the year!!  No more sickness!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Hot Hot, or Thank God for A/C

It's been in the 90s here for days.  Last year we made a little getaway in our room with a window air conditioner, but this year--we have it in the whole house.  The whole house.  It's amazing. Granted, the upstairs is still a bit stuffy even with a/c on, but it's not 90 degrees. 

We have done a bit of going outside to break up the day.  Our poor neighbors must hate us, we are outside at 6am watering the garden, running around in our pjs and making a ruckus at the crack of dawn.  Sorry guys!
 Our garden is exploding.  None of the carrot seeds took, but everything else is growing like mad.  We saw a peek of a couple flowers on our zucchini, and the tomatoes are all getting bigger and bigger.  I saved one lavender plant on the side of the house and it is gorgeous.  I'm so glad to have a garden!

  Other than that, not much going on here.  Cleaning and doing laundry.  Hanging said laundry up to dry on the clothesline.  Another thing I absolutely LOVE about this house--a simple rope to hang clothes on.  It makes me so happy to hang my laundry up, how silly?  I've been trying to instill a sense of teamwork in Ingrid by making her help with little chores.  Today she washed the big window in the living room.  Doesn't she look ten feet tall?  She is growing as well as our tomatoes...
Summer is here.  Bring it!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

This year we got together with my side of the family for Father's Day.  My sister took the ferry across Lake Michigan and we drove down to the cottage to meet up with my brothers and their families.  It was super fun, because as always, Ingrid loves her cousins!  I love it, because as always, someone else is always watching my kids so I finally get to sit with a margarita and relax!
not very sure of aunt coco yet
oh man, those eyes!
naked grape eating with grampa carl
sink bath
You'll notice I have no pictures of my kids with their dad on this father's day weekend.  That is because he spent lots of time with them without me, where I couldn't nose my way in with my stupid camera and say "wait, do that again!  Now look over here!  Ingrid, smile, what are you making that face for?"  No, instead they got to go on a father/daughter kayak ride, go the park, go swimming in the lake, and not have mom bothering them with documenting life.

So let me just say that I am proud of the dad Brendan is.  He loves to play with the kids, even after a long day at work he is happy to come home and wrestle, play ball, or watch the Simpsons with his kids.  Otis' eyes just light up when he sees his Dada walk through the door.  I am lucky to have such a good husband and baby daddy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ingrid still thinks Otis is a tiny baby that needs her help.  Lately she has taken to holding his hand and dragging him around as he squeals and cries and tries to get out of her hold.  The other day she felt she needed to "catch" him as he came down our little slide.  It's so funny because he is getting to be near her size, definitely doesn't need the help she thinks he does!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yogurt Party

A friend was selected to do a yogurt taste-testing party for Stonyfield Farms' YoKids and YoBaby yogurts.  We, of course, were delighted to take part.  Both kids could live on yogurt and crackers if allowed to.  It was a nice day out, Melanie set up the water table, there were new kids to play with.  Otis especially enjoyed himself.  He tried banana-pumpkin, a big hit, and blueberry, another hit, and strawberry-vanilla, another hit.  I doubt he'd find a flavor of yogurt he didn't enjoy...

Saturday, June 9, 2012


After our cold trip to Door County, we are in full on summer mode here now.  It's JUNE!  It's hot!  It's sunny!  Just like last year, Otis is sporting his collection of jonjons and rompers.  This one is from Fuzzymama, I honestly squealed when I saw it.  Otis' eyes just pop out when he wears it.  I kinda love having a blue eyed babe.
There is a park near us that we love to go to--they have a lagoon, tons of trees, a good playground, a splash pool, and an amphitheater where they play live music on Tuesday nights in the summer.  The first Chill on the Hill was last Tuesday so we took the kids.  It is so fun, even though it's right at their bedtime so they were a little squirrely.  There are food carts and tons of families hanging out on the hill, you always run into someone you know.  I was sitting there trying to avoid a meltdown from Ingrid when I saw the lovely Kristina from Kikiandjules!  It was nice to see someone I only talk to online :)
 I have gotten a TON of sewing done lately, too, which is nice.  The basement is super cold and actually not a bad place to be on a hot day.  I have a show coming up at the end of the month, and a request for more bibs for the Waxwing, so I ordered 12 yards of fabric and got to work this week. 

I also finally made things for my kids!  Sadly, they have been neglected in all of my sewing.  I bought a couple yards of green and white seersucker last year with ideas of matching outfits for the kids, but never got around to it.  I finally made some pants for Otis out of it, and boy are they cute.  They were too short so I added a band of blue to the bottoms.  Those suckers should have been easy peasy but I was in one of those funks where nothing went right.  I put the bands on wonky at first, then I put them on the wrong side.  Finally after ripping the seams a million times I got it right.  Otis likes them.  So do I!
 Today is going to be a nice sunny at home day, where we get stuff done around the house.  I am painting the dining room.  Before and after pictures will be taken.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Today is the recall election for our governor.  Brendan and I were living in Michigan when the original election took place and we were absolutely amazed that Scott Walker won.  I honestly didn't understand how that could've happened!  He had been the county executive in Milwaukee and didn't do a very good job, how could he be the head of the whole state??? 

Well, the past year has shown what a bang up job he's done.  I'm not the most well-read on the goings on of state politics, but even I know that using the excuse of balancing the budget to cut out collective bargaining rights for teachers and other unions is a shady deal.  I just can't believe that people out there think teachers and nurses and such are living in the lap of luxury somehow.  Every teacher I know is making a basic wage and has to pay for their room supplies out of their own pocket.  Plus they get stabbed, peed on, and otherwise manhandled by their students (I know inner city teachers...) I don't think paying for their insurance is too much to ask for.  I would pay higher taxes if everyone could get their insurance paid for.  Call me a socialist if you will, but I think health care is something everyone should be able to have, not just those that can afford it.

Anyway...Walker has also been turning back women's equal pay and women's choice.  Our state motto is "forward" and yet this asshole is turning back the clock.  I can't take it!  It needs to stop!  I am going to take my kids and vote today, and I hope if you're in Wisconsin, you'll do the same. 


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Door County Camping

We just got back from our annual trip to Door County, a nice four hour drive from Milwaukee, just enough north to feel like you're "up north" but not so much of a drive you have to deal with really crabby car-bound kids.  Brendan has been camping here with his family since he was a babe, and we have gladly turned it into our own family tradition, going the weekend after Memorial Day.  Last year was pretty easy, Otis was a baby and couldn't move, he was nursing so easily quieted.  I wondered how this year would go.

Turns out, fantastic!  We actually had the days wrong, were supposed to go Sat-Mon, not Fri-Sun, so our campsite was booked, but luckily the one next to it was open.  We set up camp and the kids were loving being out in the dirt and fresh air.  Otis especially seemed to enjoy himself.  He hates the car, so he was extremely pleased to be let free.
 The sites we get are right on the bay, so there is a small trail to the water, and the rocks!  The kids spent ages just throwing rocks in the water and Otis liked to take one rock, toddle up the trail to put the rock on the picnic table, then toddle back down to get another rock.  He did this for an hour at least!  I got to read and listen to the birds and they got to play.  Pure bliss.
 Nights were okay.  Interesting to say the least.  Otis fell asleep on a walk in the Ergo, Ingrid said she was tired and curled up and passed out.  Brendan and I were amazed (I was also nervous, because there is NO WAY things could go that easily!!) We sat by the fire and talked and enjoyed ourselves, then went into the tent to go to bed.  Which is when the shit hit the fan.  Otis woke up and could not be soothed.  I rocked him, he cried.  I walked around with him, he cried.  Finally Brendan put him in the car and drove around until he slept.  I had to do the same thing with him when he woke up again at 2am.  Whatever, it worked. 

Night two was far better, Ingrid went promptly to sleep at 7, Otis was a bear and wouldn't fall asleep, so Brendan took another car ride with him.  Luckily the park has beautiful roads and lots of lookout points on bluffs and cliffs, so at least the drive is pretty.  He slept soundly, woke up once but was easily soothed.  Good night.  Then...the next morning, in the early dawn, I wake up to hear "mamamamamama" but I look over to empty bed where Otis should be.  Where did he go????  I look and see the tent is unzipped, he was outside and couldn't figure out how to get back in!  What the what?  No idea how he did that, but thankfully he didn't wander off.

We are hoping next year is our golden year for camping--no more babies, just kids who will get really tired and easily go to bed and fall asleep and stay asleep!!

It was a great trip this year, we had fun being outside, taking bike rides, eating at the White Gull Inn, and getting dirty.  REALLY dirty.  It was soooo cold though!  And I was pretty unorganized, totally forgot to bring long sleeves for Ingrid so we had to go thrifting and find a sweatshirt for her!  And a blanket for me, as I froze the first night in just my sleeping bag, even though I had pj pants, jeans, tank top, tshirt, long sleeve, sweatshirt, and coat on.  It was cold.  Even so, we're pretty excited to do it again soon!