Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Heat Wave, Part 2

Yesterday got up to 100!!  We are fragile folk here in Wisconsin, when it comes to the heat.  Give us the ice and snow and we're fine, but a hundred degrees??  Living by the lake doesn't even help that one.  So, after Ingrid's doctor's appointment in the morning, we camped out in the air conditioned bedroom.  Quite literally: I made Ingrid a tent out of the comforter and brought in her library books.

Otis and I just hung out staying cool, we had a bedroom picnic for lunch, I put a dvd on the laptop for Ingrid.  I took some pictures. 

That was our whole afternoon.  Every time we had to go to the bathroom or get a fresh diaper for Otis, we opened the door to a wall of heat.  It's been about 86 in our house for days.  Days!  Gross.  Have I mentioned I don't particularly like this heat?  I'd much rather have a summer full of sunny, 73 degrees, light breeze.  Anyone know where I can find that? 


MaryAnne said...

California? San Francisco, specifically =)

Actually, Guatemala has temperatures around there with a light breeze all year round. And in the rainy season it rains REALLY hard at 2pm, then stops. Or that's what it was like in 1988-89 =)

Anonymous said...

let's move to the north shore !!!!!!