Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Zoo! Again!

I love having a membership to the zoo.  Actually, memberships to anything are awesome because any time we are bored or thinking of something to do that day, I always have a couple free options.  Or should I say "free."  I thought yesterday would be "free" but we forgot our packed lunches in the fridge and then we just had to have ice cream at the park...

Regardless, we had fun.  We met our friends Katie and Poppy there.  Look at this muffin, she's so stinkin' cute!

First thing Ingrid wanted to do was ride the carousel.  We get two free rides with our zoo pass, so again, this could have been a free day.  Ingrid LOVES the carousel.  I do not.  I will seriously throw up if I go on one, especially after eating a Chicago dog.  Luckily Katie is a good sport and went with her. 

Ingrid's favorite thing to see is the fish.  Of all the amazing things at the zoo, all she cares about is the fish and the goats.  Totally not wild animals at all.

Speaking of goats, we had an extra quarter to buy goat pellets, so Ingrid fed the goats.  I had Otis in one hand, along with the goat pellets, and the camera in the other hand.  I would give Ingrid a few pellets and as I was doing so, greedy little goats would come up and try to steal all the food from my hand!  Otis thought they were pretty neat, he kept trying to grab them when they came near.

Have I mentioned before how much I love goats?  Seriously, look at them!  They are so cute!

After goats it was ice cream, and then home.  Of course I was exhausted and wanting a nap but the kids had other ideas.  They had a quick snooze in the car and then were ready for more action when we got home.  Where do they get all this energy? 

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MaryAnne said...

Memberships like this are awesome. We don't have any memberships at the moment, and I think I need to pick one before we go mad this summer!

Where DO kids get all their energy? Lily was up for 15 hours STRAIGHT yesterday, going the entire time.