Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Birds

We have two hanging baskets on our porch.  The other day I heard a ton of little cheeps coming from one of them, and when I looked in, sure enough there was a nest of baby birds!

What's funny is that every time I would go water those flowers, a bird would fly out and scare the crap out of me.  EVERY TIME.  I was like man, that bird is crazy!  Why does she like that basket so much?  Now I know, her babies were in there!

I tried to get Ingrid up to see them, but she is totally blind when it comes to looking at things.  She could have a car right in front of her and you'd say look at the car and she'd look up in the sky and say "where?"  No, right in front of you.  She'd look behind her, "where?"  It's so frustrating!

So the past couple days we have been listening to them chirp and cheep and we know it's mama and daddy coming to bring them food.  We can't go anywhere near them while the big birds are there, but when the babies are alone I usually go peek in and see them.  They are so fluffy and, honestly, kind of ugly.  But it's nature!  On my front porch! 

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MaryAnne said...

This is awesome!!!

Is there any chance Ingrid needs glasses? I only ask because one of my cousin's kids was like that, and then they found out she was SUPER near-sighted. I'm sure there are kids who do that and can see just fine, though =)