Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pool Time

Oh man, we had fun yesterday!  We put on our bathing suits, slathered on the sunscreen, and headed off to the new pool in town.  They just redid the whole thing and it's amazing!  And it's only a couple blocks away from my friend's parent's house, so we met for a picnic at their house first, and then walked over.

The pool is zero depth entry, there are fountains and sprayers, but the best thing is the play area.  It looks like a playground, only the slides are little kiddie water slides, and instead of, say, a steering wheel, there's a fire hose that squirts water on the poor moms trying to stay dry-ish.  Ha!

Ingrid ran right up the stairs to go down the water slides about a million times.  She was thoroughly enjoying herself!

Otis was also enjoying himself.  He just sat there and splashed a little when he wasn't chewing on his hand.  (When are those teeth going to make their appearance???)

It was really nice because our friend's mom came with us and watched Otis while I played with Ingrid, then took Ingrid to the sandbox while I fed Otis, then got Ingrid a huge ice cream cone!  Thanks, Mimi Carol!  Ingrid was in heaven.

On the short walk home, all the kids fell asleep, and honestly, I could've done the same.  It was so fun, and I'm sure we'll be back again sometime this summer. 


MaryAnne said...

That pool sounds amazing! Love the photos of the kids, Otis is too cute in that hat!

becky v said...

SOOOOO jealous. I want to go to a pool so bad! Going to do it when I go visit my mom next month, but I should start looking at the pool situation in our new neighborhood...I'm sure there is one! Zero depth entry is the bomb.

LOVE the hat on Otis...I think I have the same one for Ethan but in blue.