Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feeding Olga

Ingrid fed her doll Olga today.  After swimming, she took off her bathing suit, only put on shorts, and found her nipples.  She was very concerned she only had one!  "Where's the other one??  I have to feed my baby!"  Some things she said I know she gets from me, such as "Oh!  I got milk all over!  Do you want the other side?  Here, let's give you a burp."  But others came purely from a 3 year old's imagination--"She wants baby pears from my nipples!" 


Helen_D said...

My little boy was breast feeding a baby / doll at a toddler group when his little sister was a baby. Lol. He must have been nearly 3 at the time. It's very cute.

MissShapes said...

Seriously, this is the BEST! I hope more kids in this world start mimicking their breastfeeding mamas...maybe then their generation will look at it more normally!

becky v said...

OMG!!! That is so amazing! I agree with important for girls to see their mammas and other women breastfeeding.