Monday, May 2, 2011

Sound of Music Party

Our friends had a themed birthday party yesterday.  I absolutely love Sound of Music, so I was excited for the party.  I had made the birthday girl's dress (green and white, like the curtain dresses) and I had the perfect dress for Ingrid to wear.  Awhile ago I got a dress from Alisha at Lishyloo and it was spot on for this party!

Otis needed something, too, so I whipped up a faux lederhosen shirt for him.  Gotta love felt!

Adeline seemed to have had a great party, and we felt lucky to be included in her day.  Yay Sound of Music!!


MaryAnne said...

LOVE the faux lederhosen!!!

Jami said...

I love the outfits, did you get any better shots of the dress you made?