Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We had some free time on our hands while waiting for friends to come over so I took some pictures.  My kids look nothing alike, even though they both look an awful lot like their dad...They are both adorable in their own ways, and I love them.  A ton. 

This one is right after Ingrid passed some seriously giggle inducing gas.  What is it with kids and farts? 


Fiona said...

Great pictures, and I also have kids who look nothing alike. I think Emily was only about 6 weeks old when someone asked me if my girls had the same father!

MaryAnne said...

They are both adorable! Love Ingrid's smiles =)

becky v said...

Wow...these pictures are adorable. Otis is really loving the bumbo! We got a BeBe Pod (different brand but just like the bumbo) and Ethan is not really a fan yet. Maybe we should have purchased a bumbo instead. He can sit in it just fine but he starts to cry after just a couple minutes. Otis looks so happy!