Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Ahh, the sun has finally shown its yellow face around here!  After weeks of rain and cold, we had a nice, hot, sunny day yesterday! Perhaps summer really is coming?  We packed up some snacks and took a nice long walk by the lake yesterday morning, ending up at the rock beach where we sat and threw rocks in the water for a good half hour. 

When we got home, we went straight out in the backyard.  Ingrid got a new basketball hoop for her birthday, so she and Brendan played with that.  And the tball set from last year.  I sat on a blanket with Otis and marveled at how hot it was.

As soon as we stepped back inside, Ingrid passed out.  Her little cheeks were all rosy and she was just sooo tired from all that fresh air!  She slept for almost three hours, totally unlike her!  I took a nap with Otis, Brendan watched baseball, we hung out quietly, it was amazing.  I love breaks from all the chaos!

I decided to make summery things for dinner.  We grilled burgers and I made potato salad.  I also made a graham cracker crust pudding pie.  It was delish.  Ingrid has already asked for some this morning!  Otis' new spot for dinner time is his Bumbo which we set on the table.  He loves to be a part of things!

All in all a great Memorial Day.  I really love that Brendan works in industry now instead of academia.  School people don't take holidays.  They just work, work, work.  Now Brendan's job is closed on holidays!  He can't go in!  And he doesn't feel guilty about it.  Phew.  I hated holidays before because it was like pulling teeth to convince him to stay home and relax. 


Fiona said...

Looks like great weekend and love how big Otis looks these days.
We have a long weekend coming up and I can't wait!

MaryAnne said...

I hate that about academia. Mike is in academic industry, which is rare. There really isn't much pressure to work holidays or late, but he has a hard time wrapping his head around that!