Monday, July 18, 2011

Heat Wave

Ugh, it's been SO hot the past few days!  In the 90s with full on humidity, it's sticky and gross and makes me extremely crabby.  The doors won't shut, or won't open, because the wood swells, there are ants galore in our bathroom, Ingrid wants juice pops and then lets them drip all over, so there are sticky messes all over.  It's just disgusting. 

So, today we left the house to go to the air conditioning.  We took advantage of the free day at the museum and looked at dinosaurs, butterflies, and fake fish.  Then we walked to the downtown library.  We signed up for a cool program they have in the summer where you read for a certain amount of time and get coupons for area attractions.  Just for signing up we got a summer pass to the art museum.  Awesome!

When we got home, we all stripped down and ran in the sprinklers.  It felt so good, I did not care at all that Ingrid's slip'n'slide actually says on it that it's not for adults.  It's not for children under five either, so I guess we're just breaking all the rules!

Tonight before dinner we went to get our window A/C unit from Brendan's parent's house.  I put Otis to bed and will be joining him in the nice cool bedroom to read until my bedtime.  I felt bad that Ingrid is in the 88degree heat, but then she asked to put on socks because her feet were cold.  Huh??  Tomorrow after we drop her off at school, I have a feeling Otis and I will be hanging out in the A/C, cutting out felt circles for a garland order, reading, napping.  Whatever we can do while sitting by that sweet sweet box in the window!

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MaryAnne said...

That photo of Ingrid is fabulous! Otis looks very happy on the blanket, too =)

Good luck staying cool!