Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Days

New things in our lives:

Exersaucer.  These things are monstrous pieces of ugly plastic and I hate them.  But kids love them and they give me time to take a shower, so I'm not complaining.  Too much.  My friend gave us hers to use for Otis so we didn't have to spend any money on one. 

Drawing.  Not really new but Ingrid is definitely getting better at it.  She draws these little guys all over the place.  She said this picture was a family and they were dancing.

Wading Pool.  Our local park, which we go to at least three times a week, has a wading pool.  It's not chlorinated, they refill it every day, so it's easy on the skin and nose.  It's free, and it's open 10-2, which is great.  I hate pools that don't open until noon.  That's naptime, dummies!  Yesterday after we picked up Ingrid from school we went over there.  She loved it!  So today we packed a picnic and a blanket and spent the morning there.  This little squirrel kept sneaking up on us, causing Ingrid to shriek in half delight, half terror. 

Both kids fell asleep on the way home.  I felt like a freakin' pack mule--I had Ingrid in the stroller along with towels, a bucket, our lunch, the diaper bag and a bag of misc. pool stuff.  Then I had Otis on me in the Moby.  It is time for a double stroller, my friends.  I cannot take lugging around an extra 15 lbs. this summer.  It was fun while he was a baby, but he's getting to big and squirmy for it to be his only form of transportation.  I swore I would never get a double stroller but that's why you never say never.  I'm hoping to find one that isn't too unbearable. 

And now we're off for a three day weekend, hooray!  Cookouts and family and Summerfest and fireworks and sun!  Happy 4th everyone!


MaryAnne said...

Such cute kids!

I love Ingrid's little guys, and that wading pool sounds awesome.

We had that same exersaucer (borrowed from a friend) for Johnny and Lily. It does take up a ton of room, but it is oh so useful!

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

We got a chicco double umbrella type stroller that is lightweight-ish and isn't horribly expensive either. Side by side and has decent sized baskets under it too.