Saturday, June 9, 2012


After our cold trip to Door County, we are in full on summer mode here now.  It's JUNE!  It's hot!  It's sunny!  Just like last year, Otis is sporting his collection of jonjons and rompers.  This one is from Fuzzymama, I honestly squealed when I saw it.  Otis' eyes just pop out when he wears it.  I kinda love having a blue eyed babe.
There is a park near us that we love to go to--they have a lagoon, tons of trees, a good playground, a splash pool, and an amphitheater where they play live music on Tuesday nights in the summer.  The first Chill on the Hill was last Tuesday so we took the kids.  It is so fun, even though it's right at their bedtime so they were a little squirrely.  There are food carts and tons of families hanging out on the hill, you always run into someone you know.  I was sitting there trying to avoid a meltdown from Ingrid when I saw the lovely Kristina from Kikiandjules!  It was nice to see someone I only talk to online :)
 I have gotten a TON of sewing done lately, too, which is nice.  The basement is super cold and actually not a bad place to be on a hot day.  I have a show coming up at the end of the month, and a request for more bibs for the Waxwing, so I ordered 12 yards of fabric and got to work this week. 

I also finally made things for my kids!  Sadly, they have been neglected in all of my sewing.  I bought a couple yards of green and white seersucker last year with ideas of matching outfits for the kids, but never got around to it.  I finally made some pants for Otis out of it, and boy are they cute.  They were too short so I added a band of blue to the bottoms.  Those suckers should have been easy peasy but I was in one of those funks where nothing went right.  I put the bands on wonky at first, then I put them on the wrong side.  Finally after ripping the seams a million times I got it right.  Otis likes them.  So do I!
 Today is going to be a nice sunny at home day, where we get stuff done around the house.  I am painting the dining room.  Before and after pictures will be taken.  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, that stack of bibs it to die for! i have started another pile for you for the quilt!

Fuzzymama said...
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Fuzzymama said...

Love otis in his jonjon!!! Those pants you made for him are so cute, too!