Friday, July 12, 2013

Red Clogs and Green Beans

First of all, I got my new clogs!  They are adorable and I feel oh so fashionable in them, which is nice, because the other night we went out and I hadn't showered and was feeling GROSS, but I slipped these bad boys on and suddenly felt feminine and gorgeous.
Tonight Ingrid and I picked green beans from the garden.  I had just thrown some seeds in a row at the beginning of the summer and they just blew up!  So we got about a bazillion plants growing and tonight we picked them.  We got a lot.  Ingrid just kept eating them like candy!  Good for her.  (Honestly I hate green beans unless there's a lot of butter and salt on them.)
One last thing--our kitchen is looking so much better now!  I painted the cabinets white yesterday.  It was a sweaty job and it took four coats of paint on each door, but dammit, I did it!  I love it.  I'm hoping to paint the walls gray and get new floors and a new sink.  Then one room in our house will be done!  And I can focus on another room!

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MissShapes said...

Ooh, I love those red clogs! They are adorable!