Friday, February 18, 2011

Otis is 2 Months, I am 34 Years.

Wednesday Otis turned two months old.  He is not much different than a newborn, which is so wierd to me, since Ingrid was really moving and cooing and smiling by now.  Otis likes to sleep, while on someone, and eat, and sometimes look around vacantly.  I hope this next month he catches up and starts doing stuff.  He's a cute little peanut, but he's kinda boring.  Although I suppose he gave me enough crap to go through while in utero, so he gets to be boring for awhile.

Thursday I turned 34.  I don't feel much older, although it's been awhile since I've gotten my highlights done and the grays are really peeking through.  I had a crappy day of whining and crying by the kids, stressing about packing and moving, and wishing I had a babysitter so I could've gone and done something fun.  [Thanks a lot for going to Florida right now, mom.  (Just kidding, you deserve this vacation!)]  We did manage to have a nice dinner at Metzger's.  I had spaetzle and wursts.  It was delish. 

And now our house is mostly empty and all echoey, Ingrid keeps asking for things and cries when I tell her it's packed away, and I am ready for this move to be OVER.  It almost is.  Come Monday afternoon we will be in our new house and I can start doing the fun stuff again, unpacking and decorating and organizing.  Yay!


Carly said...

I love the 2nd Photo:) Good Luck with the move!

Jami said...

Be sure to post lots of pictures up of your new place and everything. It still doesn't seem real that you'll be so far away!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

best of luck with the move! happy birthday to you and being so so young! :) hope you can have another celebration once you are settled and your mum returns xx