Monday, February 14, 2011

Is That the SUN??

Yesterday we saw a brilliant bright thing in the sky.  Gasp!  It was the sun!  And it was gorgeous!  We ran outside to take advantage of this rare sighting in the midst of February.  It felt SO GOOD to get outside again!  I wrapped a sweater around Otis in the Ergo, Ingrid had her boots and hat on, and we set out to splash in puddles and flick snow around with a stick. 

Things are a crazy mess around here right now.  We have a few days left until we move, so most things are packed away.  Ingrid is getting a little freaked out and showing her unease by peeing her pants, whining, and throwing massive tantrums.  We're trying to be understanding, but it is so hard when we are also getting zero sleep because of a snorting baby not sleeping well at night.

I have been feeling SUPER bad about Ingrid's life lately, and I can't wait to get her settled.  Since Thanksgiving this poor kid has gone through so much.  First I was in the hospital for almost a month, then she got a new brother, then we started packing up all her toys to move to a new house.  So much change for such a peanut...It's the least I can do to try not to yell at her for being whiny.  She's got a lot on her mind and no way to express it.  Let me tell you, I will breathe a HUGE sigh of relief to be in our new place, finally settled and not going anywhere!  Let our life begin!


MaryAnne said...

You have all been through a ton these past few months! Good luck with the move - it will be SO nice to finally be settled!!!

Carly said...

You are doing a Great Job:) Just Remember that this to shall pass whenever she is throwing a fit or you are up at 2,4,and 5 am.. This is what I say to myself during times of stress and it really helps. Try not to feel bad about things that You could not control:) Happy Valentine's day!

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

OK, where the heck is grandma?! she needs to come help!