Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrifting with my Lady

Ingrid and I went thrifting yesterday and had the best time.  Usually she's very whiny and just wants to go, but yesterday she was into it.  We pretty much stayed in the kid's section, as I was scouring the racks for some vintage finds.  A friend is starting up a kid's vintage shop and I love a reason to buy the things I don't have a need for.  Ingrid found lots of toys to play with and they even had a ride on horse that kept her entertained, so I was able to do all this pretty smoothly.  So, we spent about an hour going over ever little piece of clothing in the kid's section, piling up things in our cart, looking them over, decided what was worth the money and what wasn't.  Here's what we came up with:

Pretty cute indeed.

Yesterday was a good day overall.  We started out by painting out in the cold morning, which didn't bother Ingrid in the least.  Mama, on the other hand, needed a hot cup of coffee to keep her warm and kept asking "are you SURE you don't want to do this inside?"  After lunch we took a nice long walk to the park, let Cody run, let Ingrid swing, and we all got to enjoy the weather.

I was just telling Brendan last night how funny it is that every year at spring time I get so unbelievably overjoyed at the first nice weather.  It's like over the winter I forget that there can ever be a day over 25 degrees, that the sun can shine and actually make you warm!  You'd think it would be old news after 33 years of living this way, but alas, each spring it's like I've never experienced it before.  I love spring.

And, one more funny anecdote from Ingrid:  This morning she had a glass of plain milk.  She asked for pink milk, I said not right now, she asked a few more times, I said no a few more times.  She left the room, rummaged around in the kitchen, and brought back the can of strawberry powder!  And then she asked again "pink milk, please?"  That kid does not take no for an answer!  I have to respect that!


MaryAnne said...

Those are some great thrift finds!

Emma played outside yesterday in a sundress, barefoot. I was cold in long sleeves, long pants, and a jacket. She did eventually decide to come in and watch (much more appropriately dressed) Johnny play from the door. But she refused to wear more clothes...

heather said...

fun stuff.....don't you love it when the little ones cooperate when you are shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, some really cute stuff there. I can't imagine finding things like that in my local charity shop!