Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Bad Night, A Better Day

Last night I was happily chopping up veggies for our salad when WHAM, the knife came down--hard--on my thumb.  Youch.  It bled profusely and I knew I'd need stitches.  Luckily Brendan was on his way home from work.  Why do these things happen when I'm by myself with Ingrid?

Being the good wife I am, I finished up the salads with a dishcloth wrapped around my thumb, doing things one handedly as I raised my thumb above my heart.  Do you know how hard it is to make hamburgers with only one hand?  But I managed, and was very proud of myself.  Brendan came home and we ate dinner, as I figured I'd be waiting around awhile and would get hungry, so I should eat before I went to the emergency room.

Now, here's a sad thought:  I was happy to go have a couple hours to myself.  At the ER.  Because I was bleeding and would need stitches.  Brendan offered to come with me and I jumped up and ran out the door before he could catch up.  Not really, but I wanted to!  I put a book in my bag, told him to take care of the wee one, and hopped in the car on the way to the ER.  And had two blissful hours of non kid time.  And stitches.  I got three stitches and a comically big bandage, and then I was home.

This morning I woke up to a huge throbbing pain, but so far ibuprofen has done me well.  Ingrid seemed to sense I didn't want to do much today so she happily played with her kitchen and blocks and books.  I finally managed to get out of my pajamas at 11am and we went to splash in the puddles.  Ingrid loves her puddles, she loves rainy days!

After that we did some painting, on paper, the table, Ingrid's arms, legs and upper lip.  Thank god for washable paints. 

We also had our squirrel friend come visit.  He would have come inside if I'd opened the door, he is so curious!  Our cats hate it.

And now it's nap time, and then we have a doctor's appointment for Ingrid.  It's been a nice mellow day, which is exactly what I needed. 

Another sewing project yesterday, another circle neck shirt.  I love these but man are they a test of my patience.  There are so many little tiny things to check before you can sew, so in my haste I always manage to make a mistake.  They're still cute though, so I will make tons more to practice and hopefully learn the tricks to making them easier to sew. 


Yelli said...

Owa! Hope your hand is feeling better! (or maybe I should wish you another hurt thumb for some more alone time?) :)

Fiona said...

Hope your thumb is better soon, and I am in awe of your ability to finish making dinner (and eat) before heading off to ER.

Our fabulous care package arrived td0ay and I am off to blog about it now. Thanks SO much - it was awesome!