Monday, March 22, 2010

And Yet More Sewing.

I go in spurts of sewing, I find one thing I get obsessed with and I make a million of them in a few weeks.  Then I get bored of them and hop to the next thing.  Baby shoes became tiresome so now I'm onto summer dresses!  I made another from the vintage pattern:
And I have had this pattern for some time and only now got around to trying it.  I got it from this etsy shop.  It's a bit time consuming but I think the overall result is pretty cute.  This turned out a bit shorter than I was expecting, so it will be a tunic.  Or I could get some ruffly bloomers, that would be sweet, too!

Ingrid loves her dresses, she oohs and aahs when she sees one and says "pretty dress, mama!"  Yep, pretty dress that she will spill, drool, and get mud all over.


MaryAnne said...

Cute dresses!

heather said...

i think that's what i love about it.....the length. it's very retro.