Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Springtime This and That

I am so happy it's nice out lately!  We have been doing a little of this and that lately:
Wearing rain boots and splashing in puddles.

Making flowers out of Ingrid's paintings.  We did this with her coloring pictures at Christmastime, making them into snowflakes and a paper chain.  Since it's spring, I thought we should make butterflies and flowers.  I love how they turned out!
Dragging out every single toy she owns and bringing it out to the porch.  She loves doing this!  All her kitchen ware and stuffed animals have enjoyed some sunshine the past few days.

It  has been completely enjoyable the past couple days, just lounging around with my little one, basking in the sun, and going for walks to the park.  It is so nice to just hang out and not have to entertain her, as I had to in the winter.  Everyone feels so much better with all the daylight and sunshine!!

And tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and we are off to a party at Jami and Ben's house.  Hooray! 

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Fiona said...

I love those flowers - what a fabulous idea. We always have a huge excess of paintings, so will have to make some flowers from them (rather than secretly bundling them into the recycling bin!).