Monday, March 8, 2010


We got back late last night after a great trip and a very long train ride.  Here are some photos from our weekend, most of which are from a crazy little department store called Dretzka's.  This one is my friend Katie and I looking goofy.  We also have a picture like this from when I was pregnant with Ingrid and she was not... 

And these are from Dretzka's.  I cannot say enough about how awesome this store is.  Dusty shoes from the 60s?  Check.  Gogo boots and American flags?  Check.  Boxes of souffle cups from 1972?  Check.


heather said...

it was good talking to you today! i would love to go to the store!!! it looks amazing

strawberry lemonade girl said...

Where is this place??? So great! I love all the white beatle boots. I was in a thrift store in fresno ages ago and they had, like, 30 pairs of vintage white gogo boots still in the box. Sadly the elastic on the calf was all sticky and coming apart, and the vinyl was cracklin. It was so sad! I wanted to buy them all!