Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Easter Bunny

I took Ingrid to the local Easter egg hunt ordeal today.  Normally I wouldn't have bothered, since it was cold and Ingrid was crabby as hell this morning, but Brendan had to work and a couple friends were going to be there so we went.  The big event is a helicopter flying overhead and dropping tons of marshmallows into the park, so Ingrid kept asking where the helicopter was about an hour before it was scheduled to show up.  We tried to meet friends at a restaurant but the place is tiny and not very child friendly (only one high chair and there were like ten kids there this morning!) so it was kind of tough to wrangle her into a chair and not get in everyone's way. 

We went over to the park and found our other friends and then chased the kids around in the freezing cold weather for awhile.  Ingrid met the Easter bunny (and his wife?)  She was okay, but very cautious.  She would sneak up and give him a hi-five and then run away giggling, so the only pictures I could get of her were the back of her head. 

Then the helicopter came, dropped the marshmallows, and flew away.  All the kids busted out trying to find them and it was a madhouse.  I have to say, I am not fond of the clusterf*&k aspect of these things.  The marshmallows were on the other side of the park so by the time we got there they were all gone and we saw all these big kids with baskets full.  The socialist in me thought there should be some limit so every kid could get one.  But it doesn't matter anyway, all you did was turn in your marshmallows (aka throw them in a big garbage can) and then you got a cheap plastic toy. 

Ingrid had fun, though, so I shouldn't complain.  And we are going to an Easter party on Friday where they'll have a little egg hunt.  Without big kids.  Or muddy marshmallows. 


Carly said...

The Bunny's wife...That had me laugh so hard. LOL
Looks like a cute day:)

heather said...

what a strange idea....easter bunnies with wives and muddy marshmallows