Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Even though it was cloudy and gloomy looking today, we went back to Independance Lake for some nature walks, a picnic, and the splash pad.  We had promised Ingrid we'd go last night, and the first thing out of her mouth this morning was "go to the beach!" 

Honestly it was nice out.  We had some super hot, muggy weather the day before, so mid-60s and breezy felt great.  We walked a little trail, dipped our toes in the lake, then ate lunch and let Ingrid splash around the splash pad.  Brendan had to leave for a conference this afternoon, so we had to make it home for him to pack.  It was just enough time to enjoy being together and enjoy some nature.

As you may be able to tell from these pictures, Ingrid's face still hasn't gone down!  We've given her Benedryl twice daily and nothing--it doesn't seem to bother her, but is she going to puff up every time she gets a mosquito bite?  We live in the midwest, there are mosquitos EVERYWHERE.  Poor kid's not going to do well during summer.


Fiona said...

The pictures are great - it looks like a fantastic place to have so close by. The last photo of Ingrid laying down playing with the fountain is so cute :-)

ringmaster said...

that was me....bug bites all over my body and no one else would have a bite!!! actually that still is me. get some avon skin so soft to put on her!

Dottie said...

Poor sweetie! Those puffy portraits were heartbreaking, but she seems to be such a trouper!

BTW, I love your quilt!