Friday, June 4, 2010

Splash Pads are Awesome!

Today we went to a nearby park which is on a small lake.  The park is amazing, it has a bit of everything you'd need.  There are nature trails, a disc golf course, beaches, a playground, tons of picnic areas, and a splash pad for the kids.  We got there early and played on the playground and ate strawberries while waiting for everyone to show up.

I have to admit, I hate swimming in small lakes.  They seem dirty and weedy to me, I'm constantly worried that I'm hitting fish or seaweed with my toes.  I'm a big baby, I know.  Growing up by Lake Michigan, though, it's hard to expect less.

Anyway, so this park has a really cool splash pad, which has fountains, sprinklers, all kinds of ways of water to shoot out and up for kids to run through.  It doesn't have any standing water so you can kind of let your kid run around and not worry so much about them getting in trouble.  Our friends showed up and we spread out blankets and piled all our food in the middle, since the kids kept wanting whatever their mom didn't bring.  We ate and ran in and out of the water and enjoyed the morning.  It's only 15 minutes from our house so I think we'll be back often!


MaryAnne said...

That splash pad looks awesome - and the picture of all the little kids at the bottom of your post is too cute!

danita said...

that looks awesome! we have one that's about an hour away and gets totally overrun by daycare centers in the summer time!