Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girl's Road Trip

My grandma turned 80 this past weekend so there was a big shindig for her.  Grandpa turned 80 two years ago, so it was a weekend full of remarking how much everyone had grown since then!  Ingrid and I left Saturday morning, drove for three and a half hours, and finally made it to my mom's.  My cousin was having a bridal shower so right away we got to see all the ladies of the family.

Ingrid sang to great-grandma.

And she splashed with grandma in a bucket of water.  (oh to be so easily entertained!)
The next day was the birthday party.  Holy cow, our family is enormous!  Six kids all had 2-4 kids.  These kids have all had 2-3 kids.  It's astonishing how a family grows over the years!  Ingrid got to play with cousins, go swimming in the pool, and eat birthday cake. 
Yesterday we hung out at mom's again.  My cousin has a two year old as well, so Sophia and Ingrid played together splashing in the pool and then rolling in the sandbox.  It was an exhausting trip but so well worth it.  We don't see family often so when we do it's always a good memory making experience!

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Jami said...

Looks like a great trip. My family really fell apart after my last great grandparent passed. It's really important to cherish these times you're together.