Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Church Rummage Sale

I heard about a rummage sale at a local church and thought I'd check it out.  I vaguely remember the sales at my church growing up, which were very sedate things.  People's stuff laid out on tables, kindly old ladies with little change boxes, everything very mellow.  Today's sale was anything but that!  It was a madhouse!  It was in the gym, there were tables of stuff, but there were so many people there it was hard to get through.  And of course Ingrid wants to go see the toys so I lost her a couple times, trying to hold her hand but she wriggled away and ran over to boxes of stuffed animals.

After wrangling the wee one we got to check out the linen section, which did not disappoint.  I found a cool orange and pink sheet, some gingham fabric, and a Sesame Street blanket.

We did manage to look through the toys a bit and found not one but three of these Fisher Price chalkboard desks!  Both Brendan and I have fond memories of having these as kids.  This one came with all the letters, chalk, and the eraser!  And it was 50cents, you can't beat that. 

I suppose it was well worth going to check it out, although next time I attempt one of these I will not bring Ingrid.  As we were waiting in line to check out, she dropped to the floor to get something shiny and a very large old man stepped on her finger.  Oh boy did she cry.  All the old ladies doing the checkout thought she was upset that I wouldn't get her a toy!  That kind of made me irritated--no she's not a brat, she just got injured!

In other news, I got some more cloth wipes done for the etsy shop.  I love these things, we have about fifty of them in our bathroom and I use them all the time!  Check it out, there are tons of new prints available!


Anonymous said...

woah, scores!!!

MaryAnne said...

Those are some great finds!

Jami said...

I am SO jealous! You know how I feel about vintage Sesame Street! :P

ringmaster said...

did you buy all 3 school house desks? and score on the fabric!!!