Monday, June 7, 2010

Taste of Ann Arbor

Yesterday we took advantage of living so close to downtown Ann Arbor and walked there for a street festival.  There were tons of tents from all the local restaurants and we got to try ribs, corn, beans, pad thai, and of course cupcakes!
It was so crazy weatherwise yesterday.  First it was sunny and bright, then gloomy, then pouring rain, then back to sunny.  We walked while it was sunny, got there to gloom, and stayed through the rain.  Ingrid could've cared less about the rain, she was just enjoying seeing everyone, listening to the music, and eating tons of food.

A lady from the paper was taking pictures of her, so Ingrid is now online in a slide show about the event!  Check it out here.  She's about 58 seconds in.  There will be pictures in the Sunday paper, too, so we'll have to get it next week and see if she made it in there, too.
 Once again so glad we moved and so glad we live where we do.  I enjoy our time here in Michigan so much more now that we're by things!!

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MaryAnne said...

Looks like Ingrid didn't let the rain stop her from enjoying the day out!