Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going for a Bike Ride

Once upon a time, a friend in Milwaukee gave us one of those bike carriers that go behind the bike.  Her mom had gotten it to carry her two Corgies around, haha!  But the dogs didn't like it and we were having a baby, so we got it.  Yay!  It sat in Brendan's parent's garage for two years, and we finally had them bring it when they came for Ingrid's birthday.  Brendan set it up and Ingrid was so excited to go for a ride!

We had to get her a helmet of course.  How cute is she?  She would wear this thing everywhere if we let her.  Which may not be such a bad idea, notice her cut lip?  She fell off the bed.  Twice.  And got a black eye to match the fat lip.  Sigh...that kid is so clumsy!

I foresee lots of daddy/daughter bike rides this summer, which leaves mama home alone enjoying time to herself.  Yay!

I finished my quilt yesterday!  It turned out so wonky but I'm choosing to see that as being unique and homemade.  If I wanted perfection I would've bought one from someone who knew what they were doing!

I used one of my new tags on it.  I love these!  I got them from this lady on etsy, if you ever think you need a nice sew on tag for any of your crafts, get some from her.  She'll help you design something if you don't see one you like, and they are super affordable. 

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