Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summertime, already? Again?

Our weather has been so crazy around here, I feel I won't really know what to do with myself with so much summer.  We had 85 degree days in April, then it got cold, and now we're back up to the 80s.  And it's not even quite June yet.  And usually our weather is hot until September, sometimes into October, so man, summer is going to be loooong this year!

I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong!  I have been thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.  We got a pool for the back yard, which Ingrid has loved. 

We walk everywhere, which is my dream!  The library and the farmer's market are a hike, but a doable hike.  (And let's face it, my butt could use the walk up and down hills...)  Yesterday we went to the farmer's market and found the cutest prairie bonnet for Ingrid.  I had looked at patterns and sellers on etsy, and I was contemplating buying one from this lady, but we walked by a little old gramma and I couldn't pass by without getting one.  Cute!

After the market Brendan took Ingrid to a local park's pool, which all opened yesterday.  They had fun splashing around, then came home to rest.  But a friend called and asked us over for hot dogs and beer, so we were off again.  Poor Ingrid had about five minutes rest here and there in the car yesterday, she was beat.  But we had fun, the kids played and ate a ridiculous amount of cupcakes, and Ingrid fell asleep the minute we got back in the car to drive home. 

We still have two gorgeous days to fill on this long holiday weekend, too.  Whatever shall we do today??

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