Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Weekend

We stayed plenty busy this weekend.  The sun finally came back to us, so Brendan took Ingrid out and about to go walk around various parks.  I got tons of etsy stuff done, yay!  I had taken the worst pictures of the new bibs I made and no one had looked at them.  NO ONE.  But a sunny morning on the back porch with a cute toddler who needs a haircut, and viola.  We have better pictures. 

Yesterday afternoon we headed off to our friend Allie's birthday party.  It was a Hollywood theme, check it out!

Ingrid was obsessed with the balloons, cupcakes, and presents.  She kept yelling hooray for the birthday cake, which is funny since the birthday girl could've cared less.  Same with the presents, Ingrid was all up in them, "helping" while Allie zoned out and walked away!

This week we have our own birthday party preparations to deal with.  I guess I don't have a ton to do, though.  Get some balloons filled, make some food, buy some cupcakes.  Gramma will be here Friday to help, which will make it much easier.  Oh!  And she's here to let Brendan and I go out for our anniversary.  We always forget the damn thing now seeing as Ingrid's birthday falls on the same day...She always wins. 

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MaryAnne said...

Happy birthday to Ingrid, and happy anniversary to you and Brendan!