Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yesterday was Also...

Ingrid's birthday!!  When I found out my due date was on Brendan's and my anniversary, I was really bummed.  Everyone else was like "oh, how sweet!  Isn't that amazing?"  But I knew what would happen--her birthday would trump our anniversary.  We would spend all our time focusing on her growing older and bypass the fact that Brendan and I have been together for x amount of years. 

But who can blame us?  It's so much fun to see the excitement on her face.  Yesterday we made pancakes which I tried to make in the shape of a 2.  Then she got to open her presents from us.  She was extremely pleased with her haul:  a new wooden tea set, two Charlie and Lola books, Yo Gabba Gabba inspired finger puppets (the cutest things ever, from this lady on etsy) and a toddler sized Brewers hat. 
It was a good birthday!  Now today we have our 2 year doctor's appointment and tomorrow my mom comes--with a sandbox for the back yard!!  Party this weekend, and then we are done with festivities for another year.  Happy Birthday, Ingrid!


MaryAnne said...

That wooden tea set is darling!

The Britton said...

Happy Birthday to Ingrid from Uncle BJ, Aunt Jami, Riley, Noah and Graham! Sorry we couldn't come to the birthday party. Hope you all are doing well! Oh, and Happy Anniversary too! :)