Monday, May 24, 2010

Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob

Brendan's parents came to see us for Ingrid's birthday.  It was great seeing them again, it's been since March since Brendan and I have seen them, and since Thanksgiving since Ingrid has!!  We used to live with them, and before then we lived about five minutes from them, so seeing them two or three times a year is kind of strange.  Although Ingrid doesn't see them very often, she adores them.  They sing songs to her and bring her boxes of Daddy's old toys.  They wanted to go to the zoo so we drove to Toledo and checked it out.  We had a nice picnic, and we saw some elephants and penguins.  It's funny, every time we ask Ingrid what animals she wants to see at the zoo she says squirrels. 

There is a great playground and carousel at the zoo, which of course is all that Ingrid wanted to do.  Luckily there was also an ice cream vendor right there, which is all Mama wanted to do.  It has been so stinking hot here, ice cream was just the thing I needed!

Unfortunately we lost Ingrid's shoe somewhere between the zoo and the parking lot, and after a hot day in the sun the last thing I wanted to do was go retrace our steps and try to find it.  Here's hoping someone turned it into the lost and found and we can make another trip to pick it up...

When we came home we cooked out some more, Bob showed Ingrid how to play the cup game (where'd it go?  Which cup is it under?) Ingrid just basically enjoyed having two people stare at her and laugh at her jokes and say how smart she is. 

Now, if only she could sleep.  Two days of go go go, minimal naps, and she still took over an hour to go to sleep (Mama, come back!!  If I have to hear that again I will scream...)  Tonight I thought maybe she just needed to go to bed a little later, but no.  Put her to bed 45 minutes later, still took her over an hour to fall asleep, which just meant she is now getting even less sleep than before.  Sigh...Two is supposed to be a magical number, but so far it's not turning out that way for Ingrid and her sleep issues. 

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