Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summer In April

Yesterday was in the 80s!  It was full on summertime.  Ingrid and I met up with friends to go to the Detroit Zoo.  They have a memebership so we had a fun free day!  Since it was so hot out, most of the animals were lounging out of sight, so it wasn't that much fun for the girls.  We did get to see some zebras and giraffes, but all Ingrid really cared about was the playground.  Go figure!

After resting up we headed out again to go meet Brendan for dinner.  We sat outside, enjoyed the balmy weather, drank beer, and ate really great pizza.  It seriously felt so much like summer, it's hard to believe it's only just May!

Brendan just left to catch his bus to Chicago, which leaves Ingrid and I home alone to pack the rest of our belongings and clean the house.  Why is it that when we move I end up doing everything??? 

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Fiona said...

Yay - so glad you guys are getting some early Summer too.
And as for the zoo, Ingrid sounds just like my two. The playground is always the best part :-))