Monday, May 10, 2010

Gallup Park, now 20 minutes closer!

I am so enjoying being close to everything now that we've moved!!  There's a great park in Ann Arbor that has trails, two parks, canoe and kayak rentals.  It was always a far drive away from us, but now it's five minutes away.  Ingrid and I headed out there on this sunny, cold day. 

We had some nice one on one time with the ducks.  They were pretty harmless, just quacked at us and ran away.  The Canada Geese, however, those guys are brutal!  They will attack if provoked, and I made sure Ingrid steered clear of them!

I got some coffee and sat in the sun watching Ingrid play.  We had a great time, a nice calm morning.  It feels good to be getting back to normal.  Our living room is painted, the furniture is back where it's supposed to be, and all but two boxes are unpacked!  Slowly we will get back to normal.

I can't wait, because Ingrid has been having some issues dealing with things.  Instead of going to bed she sits up and wails that she needs a drink.  She sips a little from her water bottle, then says good night.  Then a minute later she throws her nuk on the floor and cries that she can't find it.  Then when I finally say enough, no more water, no more getting your nuk, she yells out "I gotta go poopy, Mama!"  That kid!!  She knows I can't say no to that, I have to let her go to the bathroom.  However, after three times of getting her out of her pjs and onto the toilet only to have her say all done about a second later, I banned potty breaks as well.  She sure does know how to stall bedtime...

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