Monday, July 13, 2009

Toddler in the house!

Since last weekend Ingrid has become a champion walker. She is really steady on her feet now, and full of confidence. Once she masters something it's like she's done it all along...I seriously doubt running is very far away.

The good thing about Ingrid walking is that I can now dress her in all the girly dresses we've had hanging in the closet. She couldn't crawl with them on because her knees would hit the dress and she'd get stuck. But now, bring on the girly! A family I used to nanny for gave us a whole box of clothes right before we moved and they had a ton of cute dresses. Here is one we chose for yesterday:

Cute, huh?

Today we've just gone to story time, where Ingrid decided she knew how to walk down stairs instead of climbing down. Even tumbling onto a hard floor didn't sway her--she just got back up and tried again. When we got home, she found a pacifier on the floor that she must have smuggled out of bed and she thought she was so clever by having it in her mouth while she played! Look at that coy look she's giving me!

Other new things--she went on the potty twice today! She knows the sign for it and she's used it a few times and knows how to say potty and yesterday she even dragged the one from her room all the way down the hall. Then instead of sitting on it, she pooped on the carpet. *sigh* But it's a start, right? She's not quite 14 months, so I'm not in a hurry. I just figure one day at a time and she'll learn what she needs to do. So far so good!


Allie said...

I say that Ingrid will be running by the end of the week! She is definitely a toddler now!

Jami said...

LoL! Ben is the same way with his paci, if he finds one when it's not bed time. He acts like he's so sneaky.

MaryAnne said...

I remember how fun it was when Emma started walking and I could put her in cute dresses... Ingrid is adorable :)