Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Little Walker

Ingrid has really taken off lately. She walks pretty far before plopping down, and actually knows how to get up to standing and can take off without pulling herself up on anything. It's amazing how quickly she's realized it's more fun to be standing and moving than crawling :) I still have to get our videos uploaded, but until then here are some stills of her concentrating really hard on the next step.

We also tried a diaper on George to see how small they could get. Pretty small--I could see them fitting a little baby. Ingrid liked to push him around in her stroller and then decided to give him a hug and throw him on the floor.


Allie said...

I absolutely love the 2nd pic of Ingrid with her concentration face! It is even cuter to watch her walk in person! GO INGRID!!! :)

Jami said...

Aaaaw! I love the 2nd pic of her walking!! She's so funny.

sunnymama said...

Sunnyboy would love the cuddly George!