Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buy Buy Baby

We went on a little shopping excursion today. Our friends Kristin and Allie came over, we put Ingrid's car seat in their car, and off we went to get some childproofing essentials. Ingrid likes to open the toilet seat, which in itself isn't that big of a deal to me. However, when tiny hands start splashing around in water, it's a whole other story...Now instead of just splashing, she has taken to licking her hands afterward. I am not a germophobe, but that is just going too far for me!!!

So today we g
ot a toilet lock that hopefully won't keep Brendan and I locked out, some bumper pads for the corner of the table that Ingrid almost bashed her forehead on last night (which she's already taken off and chewed up), and an inflatable faucet cover for the bathtub, which we probably didn't need but it was cute and had frogs on it so why not be safe?

And then we hit the toy section. There are SO MANY awesome toys I want to get Ingrid!

These are just a few :)

We didn't get any of those, but we did get a picnic set with fake food, a picnic basket and a little grill and tongs. Ingrid likes to chew on the fake chicken legs. I also got her some BabyLegs with skulls on them. They are so cute. I need a new adjective...


Jami said...

Oh you've got to be kidding, those leggings are the cutest ever. I love them. I've seen that tree house toy before, it's awesome. They sell it, or something like it, at the shop in Kerrytown. Good luck with the toilet lock.

Allie said...

Ingrid is totally rockin' those BabyLegs!!! :) Glad she is liking her new picnic set!

MaryAnne said...

Is that a plan toy sdollhouse? It looks great - actually, all those toys do. I love Ingrid's outfit!