Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Overdue!

A long time ago I got an award. I was supposed to tag up to 15 other blogs to pass it on to. At the time I hadn't gotten to know a lot of other blogs so I never did. Now, however, I would like to pass this Lovely Blog Award to the following Lovely Ladies:

Motherhood Moments: Lyndsey inspires me to EC, cloth diaper, and most of all--TRAVEL with my youngster!!

Living in the Land of Chocolate: Fiona always posts the best pictures of her adorable little girls, makes me jealous of living in a German speaking country, and inspires me to let Ingrid get messy and have fun.

Carried Family: Sarah has three gorgeous girls, something I'm not sure I could deal with :) Yet she manages it all with posts that bring a smile to my face. I love how honest she is in dealing with the ups and downs of daily mama life!

Our Unschooled Family: I found this blog awhile ago and it introduced me to so many things I'd never thought of, and also introduced me to so many blogs I never would've found. Gina inspires me to follow my daughter's lead, live a simple life, go on walks every day, and bake bread! Seriously, I was always scared to bake bread outside of a bread machine, but she is always making bread and it turned out to be rather fun kneading and flouring and letting it rise.

Thrifty Craft Mama: MaryAnne is always good with the crafty things. I am inspired to make clothes, teach my kid with m&ms and paint chips, and have fun every day without spending a ton of money.

Thank you, ladies, for making my days brighter when you have new posts and new pictures and give me things to think about!!


Lyndsey said...

THANKS!!! yay!

Gina said...

Thank you Amber that is lovely ! I really enjoy reading your blog too :)

Gina xxx

MaryAnne said...

Thanks for the award, I always enjoy reading your blog! These other blogs all look interesting too :)

sunnymama said...

You picked some great blogs to pass it on to :)