Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lakeshore Festival

Our apartment complex is putting on a festival this Fourth of July weekend. Last night they had fireworks that shook our apartment. It felt like we were under attack. Ingrid didn't like the rude awakening, so I rocked with her until they were over. Then she thought it was play time and would not go back to sleep--we tried to bring her into bed with us and she just kept hitting Brendan and talking. I tried to get her in her own bed and she cried like I was beating her. It was a LONG night!!

Anyway, today we walked over to
check out the festival. It's pretty trashy. I think it's a nice idea for them to try to bring the neighborhood together and everything, but there is no way I'm eating fried dough from a vendor or riding one of the death trap rides...Carnivals are kind of creepy to me!

They had these signs all over the place, it was weird. "Mind your parents, Don't smoke, Follow rules"

Ingrid did enjoy the small petting zoo they had. Someday I want goats. I love goats.


Allie said...

LOL...Those signs look funny! The carnival lady in the pic looks super creepy! At least Ingrid enjoyed the animals! :)

Jami said...

LOL I wondered what was going on when you posted on your facebook that Ingrid wasn't into the fireworks... I thought you had tried to keep her up!