Thursday, July 2, 2009

Battery is Dead

I want to post some pictures but the battery on my camera is dead and I have no way of getting them onto the computer until it's recharged. And I have to find my cord for my video camera so I can post a couple videos of the munchkin--although, she won't ever do her tricks on camera so they're not the cute videos I'd like to have. More like me saying "Can you do peekaboo? Come on, do peekaboo! Ingrid, peekaboo!" and Ingrid pointing to the camera and babbling and completely ignoring me. Of course, then when I go back and look at the video she hears me on camera say "do peekaboo" and promptly does it. I have to get two cameras, have her hear me say peekaboo on one camera and use the other to catch her actually doing it. That's too much work, though, so you will have to make do with the babbling videos instead :)

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