Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playdates and Vintage Cards

We were lucky enough to have friends that braved the snow to come play at our house today.  It was Otis' first playdate!  He slept the whole time, as three toddlers ran around and screamed and threw stuff, I don't know how he does it...

The little man is so cuddly, it's hard not to want to hold him all the time. 

And one last random thing, birth announcements.  I had made some up online at different places but couldn't decide which one to get.  Then luckily, before I spent $50, I remembered that the last time I was at Dretzka's I found a bunch of baby announcements, and that I had gotten some from Heather at 3RingCircus.  Yay for vintage cards!  They are super cute and totally unique, no?  Now I have to figure out which picture to send along with them.  How to choose when my babe is so adorable?


MaryAnne said...

What fun baby announcement cards!

ringmaster said...

so fun! i love all of those cards!